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2019 HOA Dues
Due: 02 Jan 2019
Late: 15 Feb 2019
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Welcome to Lost Plantation!

Welcome to the Home Owners Association web page for Lost Plantation community. Lost Plantation is a developing community located in Rincon, GA, 20 miles northwest of Savannah, GA.

This site is intended as an information resource for current and prospective residents. If you have any questions or comments please contact the HOA president via the contact page. Please send comments or suggestions for website content to webmaster@lostplantation.com

Property Management

The Lost Plantation HOA has contracted with Associa to provide property management services. Please see Associa Services to learn more. Associa communities are now "powered by" townSQ which is a third party site that allows you to access community information, make payments, and more. Links to both sites have been added under the bulletin board on the right menu for your convenience. If you have questions, please contact an HOA Board member or an Associa representative.

Message from Lost Plantation HOA President

Fellow Lost Plantation Homeowners you should be receiving your Pool Assessment invoices by now or in the next several days. In your invoice it states for Amenity Assessment. This cost is what was voted on at the 2018 Annual Meeting by the community for the needed repairs to the POOL in order to open for the 2019 season along with widscreens for the Tennis Courts.

Please see below the reasons that were communicated all last year in the monthly board minutes and at all of the community quarterly meetings

During 2018, the Effingham County Health Department determined that the quantity of chemical tests for the spa was inadequate to ensure safe swimming for residents. In addition, monthly water usage bills in excess of $1,000 revealed hairline cracks in both large pools. The main pump room that houses all the pump system and electronic equipment had extensive mildew and frame rot to the walls. Also the floor was unlevel, making water puddle and stand along the interior walls, creating areas of excessive standing water. The pergolas had wood rot and insect damage along with brick damage. We lost over 25 pool lounge chairs due to damage and age. Pool-goers flushed damaging items down both toilets, clogging drainage lines and damaging the toilets. New codes required us to add additional outside lighting around the pool for after dusk use, it was also stated we needed emergency lighting in the event the power went out after dusk, to provide patrons enough light to gather their items and exit the pool area safely.

The Effingham County Health Department agreed to allow the pools to be re-opened in 2019 if all the dangers and code improvements were remedied. The HOA Board took into account the poor condition of the pool house, furniture, and surrounding aesthetics to determine what would be needed for residents to continue enjoying one of our favorite amenities - our beautiful pools. Three contractors put in bids, and after vetting the desired contractor, the median price contract was chosen. Work began in January, and is scheduled to be complete in mid to late April.

A detailed breakdown of the cost of repairs can be viewed here on the Lost Plantation HOA website under Amenity Policies: Assessment Breakdown. During our annual Homeowners meeting, a majority of homeowners (53% by physical attendance or proxy) voted to charge an assessment to all residents to afford these necessary repairs. In addition, the Board paid for a Reserve Study to ensure our reserves can be built up for and plan future maintenance on a set schedule. This Study can be viewed here on the Lost Plantation HOA website under Convenants: Reserve Study.

Homeowners in Lost Plantation and Willowpeg, and homeowners in Williamsburg that chose to use the amenities, were assessed at equal amounts, $400 per Lot. If you choose, it can be payable in two installments: $200 May 1, and $200 August 1. We offered this plan so homeowners could better budget for this one-time additional cost.

Any and all questions should be emailed to: LostPlantationHOA@gmail.com

Thank you,
Steve Merriman
Lost Plantation HOA Board President